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Committed to Providing Our Clients the Best

Acuity Health Advisors was started to help consultants and employers navigate the complexities of the pharmacy world. Our team uses its extensive knowledge, decades of industry experience and unique pharmacy contracts to help our clients realize significant reductions in their pharmacy spend. At Acuity Health Advisors, we are committed to providing the best pharmacy contracts in the industry, offering clear, unbiased advice, and ensuring that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) follow through with their promises.


Average savings of 25% with minimal disruption.


100% of pharmacy rebates kept by client.


Our clients have access to 100% of their data.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our team audits 100% of your pharmacy claims to ensure accuracy and adherence to your PBM contract. Our legal team reviews all contracts to ensure they are not only straightforward but also written with our clients’ best interests in mind.

More with the Big 3

Access to better, more transparent contracts and pricing with the Big 3 PBMs. At Acuity Health Advisors, our clients have access to contract terms and pricing typically reserved for large/jumbo employers.

More than the Big 3

From exclusive relationships with non-traditional PBMs to unique solutions that bring dramatic savings to your Rx spend, Acuity Health Advisors brings more than the standard cookie-cutter approach to pharmacy consulting. In fact, we can even work with an existing carved-in PBM/carrier to ensure you get the best pricing possible.

Cutting Through the Noise

At Acuity Health Advisors, we know that each of our clients are unique. We pride ourselves on narrowing down the vast number of solutions available and presenting you with the options that make sense for your specific needs.



Request for Proposal (RFP) and Repricing

Acuity Health Advisors simplifies the RFP process for brokers and large self-funded employers. We provide our clients with a customized and comprehensive RFP plan, allowing for a true apples-to-apples PBM comparison. Let us take the headache out of the RFP process for you!

Implementation Assistance

The Acuity Health Advisors team has decades of experience in the pharmacy industry and we understand that implementing a new pharmacy benefit is rarely a simple process. From start to finish, we work closely with you to ensure that you and your employees have a seamless and thorough transition.



Communication to employees and their families is critical to any successful change in a benefits plan. We take the burden off you by providing communication templates to use in announcing any changes to employees.


Whether it’s auditing plans we put in place together or reviewing contracts you already have in place, Acuity Health Advisors will ensure that you are receiving what was promised by the PBM.